To Believe or Not Believe


The reason Atheists are right is due to the fact that what we believe becomes our reality. Thoughts become things that create what we believe, whether you believe in God or not. Beliefs derive from the mind, and that’s why scientific minds tend to need proof to believe anything is right or true. Still, the facts remain the same and belief doesn’t need proof to be right and true. If you don’t believe me, that only means you don’t see through my view. Right or wrong, belief is a choice we make and that’s why it takes faith to believe in something we don’t see, and besides, even if we choose not to believe, that choice in itself is still, “a belief.” You see, you have to believe God exists before He can exist in your life, and that’s why an Atheist is always right.

It’s not as mysterious as it seems, but a scientific fact.

It’s all about basic physics. We have no problem believing in the law of gravity, and I’d assume that even an Atheist would say I’m right. What goes up must come down. I know I’m right because you see, I can see it to prove it. If I push you off a cliff, whether you believe in God or not, you’ll fall and crash to the ground. That fact means you’ll probably die, but that doesn’t make an Atheist right. It simply means the universe works, but it’s up to us to figure it out. Then again, once you’ve been shoved off a cliff a time or two, you’ll believe in the law of gravity, believe me. It’s that fact that leads me to yet another fact. The fact that I survived a deadly disease, with nothing but hope and faith, tells me that in fact God does exist, and to me, my faith proved it.

It’s destiny, I believe, which leaves an Atheists confused.

Still, I know how they feel, and they are right to feel that way. After all, even I used to believe that destiny just happened to me and when I died, I’d be dead, gone, over and done. It never made sense to me that someone like me would be created by some kind of “High and Mighty Being,” who’d in fact, create me in His image. How arrogant that seemed to the non-believer I used to be. If I dared to believe, what would that make me? A princess? To think I’d be worthy enough to command the universal laws to work for my behalf would be an amazing thing, wouldn’t you agree?

Can you imagine that? Then again, maybe you shouldn’t. If you went out on a limb like that, no telling what you might attract. If you’re an Atheist, you’d better watch out, because you see, if you imagine that fact long enough, you might attract the faith it takes to believe. At least, that’s what happened to me. The point is this: I know how an Atheist feels and I can sympathize with the plight and demise that in fact, an Atheists chooses to believe is true, but you see, you’ll need to think of another fact that you’d have to agree is true. What you resist will always persist. It’s just basic physics. That’s why I believe there’s no such thing as a true-blue Atheist. Believe me, if it takes the fate of your dying day, you’ll see and believe God exists someday. It’s true, and please, don’t ask me why I’m right. That’s something only an Atheist needs to prove.

In fact, I received a note from an Atheist just the other day, by the way. Imagine that, an Atheist took the time to write an extensive and passionate email message to me, a believer in God, of all things? At first, I was disturbed when she accused me of being, “a religious jerk,” but then again, I’ve been called worse. In so many words, she politely explained Einstein’s religious views to me, or maybe I should say, his lack of religious vision, and as if I didn’t know that he was, in fact, an Atheist or at least an Agnostic, she described people like me as closed-minded human beings. Closed-minded? Me? That’s not what I believe at all.

As much as I empathize with her plight, I disagree with her views of truth.

You see, she believes that we were all born as Atheists and the only reason we believe in God at all is due to the brainwashing techniques of religious freaks. In a way, I agree, but through the opposite view.

The fact is that we are born knowing the truth. As an innocent infant, God exists and all infants can prove it. After all, no one has the faith it takes to believe that someone will feed, bathe and care for you more than infants do. It’s the fact that they hold the key to simply believing that in fact makes it true. That’s why all infants are right. It’s just because they are born believing they are worthy to be fed, bathed and with a bed to lay their heads. They even believe that they are worthy enough that someone will dress them up now and then, so you see, the truth always depends on what we believe. Although I agree that religion gets us confused and even abuses our faith, I can’t say the Atheist is right when it comes to my birth-right.

Still, I don’t think my new Atheist friend believes me. In fact, I can prove it by the note she wrote, just the other day, but by the way, notes can be God’s way to send a message too. It’s true. The law of attraction works every time, and that’s why I will believe until the day I die that she wrote to me, of all human beings, because she’s been thinking of God and whether he’s real or not. You see, because heaven, earth and the universe works, there are no accidents, believe me. She’s simply confused, even though she doesn’t think so. In fact, I have no doubt that she believes she’s right. Why wouldn’t she? Why would I believe I’m right too? It’s just what humans do. We think and try with all our might to find something to believe in, but until then, all we can do is to ask and believe until we receive it. All I can say is that being an Atheist will create a very long wait.

In fact, even Einstein tried, but in the end, he died and never figured it out. Although he could prove through the law of relativity that in fact there had to be a source of the force which created, “everything,” including you and I. Because he’d made up his mind that in fact, God could not exist, he obviously was never able to see that in fact, he proved God’s existence. Non-belief makes you blind to what sits right before your eyes. Talk about a closed mind.

The fact is that he died still blind to what the source of that force could possibly be, so to his dying day, he called it, “The Unified Field Theory.” Okay? I guess whatever Einstein says should be okay with me, but as brilliant as he was, I think I’m right when I choose to believe that in fact Einstein’s unified field theory actually proves, to me at least, that in fact, God does exist. What else would the source of the force that created everything be?

Call him, her or it what you wish, but it’s the reason why I’m not an Atheist. It’s that source of the force which created heaven, earth, the universe and mankind that proves to me that in fact, an Atheist is wrong to believe there’s no such thing as God. Still, the facts remain the same. What we believe will be our reality, and since what is real to you will always to true too, an Atheist will always be right and the reality their thoughts create will always be true for them. How true. They are right. God won’t exist as long as they don’t believe in His existence.

My True and Right is different from yours

What’s true and right for me may not be right and true for you, but the good news is that the source of that force which created everything, created the law of attraction too. I believe it was meant to work for our behalf, but we have to figure it out, which leaves people like you and me confused unless you begin to believe the truth.

The only thing I know I’m right about is, of course, we are all connected and come from one source. It’s like a root of a tree. God must be the root, the tree is life and we are the leaves. Our thoughts become things and fall all around, due to the law of gravity. Since we are created by the source of the force which created everything, that means we have the power to change our destiny, but first, we have to believe it’s true. Otherwise, you’ll simply die and be gone.

What we think of most, through our faithful view of truth, becomes what we believe, which creates a way for me to attract what I believe in my reality. Don’t you see it? That’s why you read this entire article of mine. Isn’t grace amazing?

In fact, that amazing grace is why your eyes found me, of all human beings. It’s true. Please, just find the faith it takes to believe me. Besides, I can prove that it’s true. That’s what faith means. You see, you’ll always find proof of anything you choose to believe in, but only when you look through a view of hope and faith. The best part of believing is that with hope and faith, God provides the amazing grace it takes to believe. It’s a law of attraction thing.

Still, in the end, it’s all up to you. You can choose to believe you’re, “right,” or you can believe that since God exists, you are worthy to achieve impossible dreams, like eternal life. Either way, you’re right.

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