Are Children a Blessing from God


God alone gives life. From this fundamental truth, we can conclude that every baby born into the world, is a blessing from God. He has a purpose and a divine plan for each one. Children are believed to be blessings, for in them we see God’s goodness. Also, it is hard not to see that in the pureness of children’s thoughts and feelings, lies God’s call for us to be childlike in heart and mind. Of course, those who have faith would feel blessed to have children, believing them to be God’s answers to their prayers. Overall, it helps to be reminded that we ought to treasure God’s greatest blessings, our children. By cherishing children in our hearts, we would find within us, deep and resolute respect for life, whatever the circumstances are.

Abundant are the blessings that God pours out upon us, through our children.

When a baby is born, there is much joy in the family. Children usually deepen the ties that bind their parents, who in turn, strive to provide for their growing needs. Soon, the entire household is transformed by the child’s silly laughs, crazy antics, and remarkable self-discoveries. Once we clear our minds of preoccupation with temporal matters, we can see God blessing us in countless ways – be it our baby’s good health, our inner strength, and peace of mind, or the optimism that we have for our child’s future.

Three years after the loss of our baby girl, God blessed us with a son. He guided us through our rough journey to parenthood and saved us from committing a grave mistake that could’ve potentially endangered the life of our little one.

My prenatal consultation, a few years ago, was particularly unforgettable for me and my husband. Having passed the mid-thirty age bracket, I was considered a high-risk pregnancy. I was asked if I wanted to have the amniocentesis’ done, to aid in the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities. It seemed fine to us until we were told that our parental rights to protect our baby’s life would cease if the fetus was found to have abnormalities. “What? Give up our baby? No way!” What we heard was absurd enough to sound like a joke, but apparently, it was a fact, beyond our control. Immediately, I raised our firm objection to have said medical procedure.

With my maternal instinct kicking in hard, I firmly stated that, healthy or not, we will have our baby born. Silently, I heard myself say, “We never gave up on our infant daughter, even when the odds of survival were against her. How can we allow anything to come between us and our unborn baby? It never even crossed our minds.”

Like any other expecting parent, we also prayed that God would give us a healthy and normal baby. However, having gone through so much in life, we would be perfectly happy and contented with just having a baby of our own.

Months later, I gave birth to a healthy, bouncing, 9.7-pound baby boy. Now, a hyperactive healthy toddler at 32 months old, he is bigger in height and built than most kids his age. Like a 4-year old with a babyface, he often invites more than a quick glance from passersby.

Parents are truly blessed to have children.

Let us spread God’s love to our kids, and share it with children everywhere. There is no shortage of orphans and less fortunate children, who have not experienced a parent’s love. Can you show a kind gesture or give a congenial reply to a poor or disabled kid? Can you give a street kid a simple smile? A poor boy some toys? Or cuddle an orphaned baby in your arms? In small but meaningful ways, we can bring the warmth of God’s love into the isolated world of deprived children, and eventually, manage to spark in them the courage to find their own decent place in the world.

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