When did we Start Relying on our Church Leaders rather the Bible


The Word became Flesh (John 1:14). And all of humanity can breathe a sigh of relief. No longer do we have to rely on our own guess of what the Bible means. The Law is fulfilled, and we can now live by faith rather than by works. Those who want to come up with lists of rules to shape their own environment are being religious for religion’s sake alone; it does them no eternal good.

The Word became Flesh.

And what once was said is now lived. What once was told is now seen. What once was believed out of fear is now accepted in love.

Everything changed when the Word became Flesh.

It was as though knowledge about the teacher that was gained only through letters and words of instruction became a living, breathing, warm-bodied human who is a Lover, a Healer, and a Savior. Those who have seen His face have never been the same again. They are ravished by His love. They are undone; swept up into an intimacy that they never want to leave.

Yet, nothing changed when the Word became Flesh.

The Law was fulfilled but not put down; it was not abolished. People are still expected to live by it. Everyday life has gone on. It’s still hard. Hearts are still broken. Basic needs are still the essence of human survival, and the loss of provision of those needs still brings death.

It is easy to get caught up in the grind of life.

It is what we are faced with every day. Though our hearts long for the greatest love story, and we ache to be the one that is desired and honored above all when all our eyes see is the day to day struggle we begin to live as though we are not the hero of any story. And we easily slip into a semi-comatose state that accepts the word of an accepted leader, rather than the Word of our Lord through the inspired pages of the Bible. To live a life that seeks His face every moment of every day takes more effort than to live according to the dictates of man.

There is much that could be said on this subject: regarding the desire of humans to be highly honored and therefore measuring themselves against others; the need for rules and leaders because of the lack of willingness to take responsibility for one’s self; and our own lethargy in seeking God’s heart for each of our lives. On another level, the point could also be made that we do not struggle against flesh and blood, but against powers of darkness (Eph 6:12).

When did the human race start relying on leaders rather than what the Bible says?

Since the beginning of our time on earth, we have been willing to hand over authority to anyone who makes us feel good for the moment. Stories through history starting with Adam and Eve and leading to our own lives have shown that to be true. Perhaps the question would better be posed: When will the human race start relying on God and what the Bible say? For one day in that world will be better than a thousand days in this (Ps 84:10).

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