Finding the one true road of faith

The small town of Nags Head ensconced in the greater Outer Banks, North Carolina bears a name reflective of the piracy legend of old. It is said that the locals of Outer Banks heard news of the piracy of Blackbeard at sea and decided to try their own clandestine adventure by tying a lantern around the neck … Read more

The Great Commission: Disciplining nations

Jesus commissioned the Church to disciple the nations. The meaning of this commission has been lost to much of the modern church. We have mistakenly translated this as go and make converts in all the nations by getting people saved. Or we realize that discipleship is necessary and we have new converts go through discipleship. … Read more

Developing Good Christian Character

Character is born on the inside of a person and reflected outwardly. Jesus said that a tree is known by its fruit and that if it bears good fruit it is a good tree.  This is why God focuses on the heart for out of the heart the mouth speaks. Good Character is Indispensable to … Read more

Finding the truth and the way in Jesus

Who is Jesus? Is He a king, a teacher, a first-century Rabbi who had revolutionary disciples? Is He a man whose teachings were used to subjugate a wayward Empire? No matter who the Real Jesus is or was, what remains is what is the truth in Him. Jesus was never one to shirk responsibilities. By … Read more

Why Jesus died

The brilliant crimson blessed blood of Jesus Christ flowed freely that day at Calvary. By doing so, it dealt with the sin of humanity once and for all. Was that amount of sacrifice, and that amount of suffering was worth it or not? It’s worth becomes apparent when the resulting benefits are carefully examined. The … Read more

Understanding salvation by grace

To properly address this question, three specific pieces need to be examined. What are people saved from? What are people saved to? What are people saved by? Grace and works will be addressed in each portion. What does salvation save people from? Another way to phrase this question is to ask why people need to … Read more

How a Christian Rightly Responds to Societal Sin

The concept of sin lies at the heart of the Christian faith. The Christian believes that his or her sin is what has created separation from a holy God and that God’s solution was to send his Son, Jesus, to be the sacrifice that would deal with the sin problem. As a result, the Christian … Read more

View of truthfulness in Christianity

Where do Christians look for guidelines and advice on truthfulness and honesty? We find all the answers we need in the Bible, of course. Honesty is a very important concept in the Bible; it was even included in the Ten Commandments. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” Exodus 20:16 (English Standard Version) … Read more

The reasons so many Christians gather together at Easter

Easter is the holiday on which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This one event is the foundation stone on which the Christian faith rests. The Apostle Paul, in writing to the Corinthian church wrote that if Christ did not rise from the dead that their faith was useless (1 Corinthians … Read more

The Relation of Christianity to other religions

Christianity is a belief system that is rooted in the teachings of Jesus, the Christ. In the field of religions, Christianity is considered one and yet it has certain attributes that distinguish it from other religions. What is it that distinguishes Christianity from other religions and how does this faith relate to those religious systems? … Read more