Ways to be positive during hard times

It is not too tough to smile and have a positive frame of mind when life is going smoothly. However, when life serves up lemons, positivity is much harder to muster. Life is full of good and bad times. People are forced to deal with loss, both personal and professional, and it is not easy … Read more

Knowing God personally and intimately

A lot of Christians have knowledge about God, but very few know him personally and intimately. There is a big difference between having knowledge about God and knowing God. One is distant, the other close. First of all, it is important to know the meaning of knowledge and knowing, in order to grasp the difference … Read more

God is Always Speaking

While even many Christians profess that they cannot hear God, God is speaking and once we learn how He speaks, we find that we have been hearing all along.  Even those who do not see themselves as people of faith often have had experiences of hearing Him in some form or fashion. Once they are … Read more

Best Books for Pagans

I often have people ask me for book recommendations for those new to Paganism. Over the years I have found myself giving out the same titles over and over. So I have finally decided to make up a list of them. Now I can just hand out the book list and tell the inquirer to … Read more

History and Explanation of Ley Lines

My understanding of ley lines has been that they are energy lines that cross the earth in right angles to each other and are created by magnetic fields. Many sacred and/or religious sites have been built on these lines over the years. Their mystery evolves from the fact that even ancient societies (the Nazca and … Read more

Best Gifts for a Bat Mitzah

A Jewish girl celebrates her Bat Mitzah at the age of twelve, and it is usual to offer a Bat Mitzah gift to celebrate her coming of age. Interestingly it wasn’t until 1922 that the first Bat Mitzah was recognized to balance a Jewish boys Bar Mitzah. You can choose a specific Bat Mitzah gift … Read more

In Allah’s Court there is no Greater Thing than Dua

The word “dua” refers to sincere and heartfelt supplication one makes to Allah. The dua can be for worldly matters like health, wealth, success and better livelihood. It can also be for spiritual matters like asking for forgiveness for sins, guidance on the right path and for Paradise in the Hereafter. Dua – a testimony … Read more

Bhagavadgitha a Practical Approach to Life

First of all, I would like to press my words that, Shrimad Bhagwadgita is not a BOOK. It is a Holy Bible for the Hindus. Therefore it should not be understood as some kind of literature which teaches you how to live your life. The Gita should be treated with respect and understanding that the … Read more

Finding a Church to Call Home

Somehow this distorted idea that we church shop to find the best church where all our needs are met crept into American Christianity. When we come into a church with all kinds of expectations of how a particular church or pastor will serve, we come with the wrong mentality. Moreover, we are setting ourselves up … Read more