New Age Tips for the self as a Guide

Go into any bookstore in the country and you can find an entire section devoted to New Age philosophy. There, you will find book after book telling you what you must do to make your life better. I began thirty years ago to explore alternative spiritual paths and have read many of those books. Unfortunately, … Read more

What it means to be a Muslim and how a Muslim feels

The word “Muslim” linguistically means “the person who enters into peace” or “the one who submits.” Anyone who enters the foray of Islam by pronouncing the “shahadah”: the testimony that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah – the one and only God – and that Muhammad is Allah’s slave and His (last) … Read more

Scientific Proof that Prayer Doesn’t Work

The debate about the existence or non-existence of supernatural deities rages on. In one camp, there is the faithful, a group of people who sincerely “believe” in the existence of a God (usually singular) despite the absence of scientifically robust evidence. In the other camp, there are the atheists who adopt the position of “I … Read more

The History of Hinduism

The word “Hindu” is derived from the River Sindu, originating in the Himalayas, crossing the North of India, running through Pakistan, and flowing into the Arabian Sea. For the people who came to inhabit the land later, the name “Sindu” was challenging to pronounce. Therefore, the name was distorted into “Indus.” Various scientists consider the … Read more

Why Jesus died

The brilliant crimson blessed blood of Jesus Christ flowed freely that day at Calvary. By doing so, it dealt with the sin of humanity once and for all. Was that amount of sacrifice, and that amount of suffering was worth it or not? It’s worth becomes apparent when the resulting benefits are carefully examined. The … Read more

The Purpose of a Shaman

The purpose of a shaman is to help people be more connected. A shaman is guided much like a clergy person is, by Spirit/God. A shaman is working for the greater good of all concerned and is here to aid people for healing, feeling happiness and living a good life. The purpose of a shaman … Read more

Understanding Pseudoscience and New Age Ideas

I have to start off by saying that lumping the terms “pseudoscience” and “New Age” ideas in the same sentence is offensive. These are two separate entities. There are some Non-believers out there who hide behind terms like “skeptic” or the latest buzz phrase “Critical thinker”. These are the people who lump these separate terms … Read more

Relationship with God and Islam

I was watering the plants this morning (droopy plants…the weather has been scorching here), and while performing this task, I was reminded of something that was taught by my mother regarding our faith, which became a cornerstone for my daily practice. It’s the concept of the dual relationship. For me, as a Muslim, I have … Read more

Zen Koan Carrying the Raft

Case: In China, at the base of a mountain, an impoverished young man sat in meditation in front of his hut facing a great rushing river.  A monk from the mountain monastery hiked down a long, steep path past the hut carrying two huge wooden basins to transport water from the river back up the … Read more

The Principles of Faith in Judaism

Faith in Judaism dates back more than 2,000 years when Jews were in the throes of bondage in Egypt, extending throughout the period after the exodus and their biblical and historical struggles in the wilderness where God had revealed His supernatural power and abiding love for those whose ultimate settlement in a strange land was … Read more