Praying for Tibet

As they say Tibet is the roof of the world. The Tibetans are people of peace and live in harmony with each other and the natural world around them. This is due to their commitment and devotion to the Dalia Lama and their faith in the Buddhist religion. The Tibetan people’s flight is not a … Read more

Pagan or Wiccan

“An it harms none, does what ye will”, Coming from the Wiccan Rede. Wiccan Morality is largely based upon the Wiccan Rede. Usually interpreted as an act of freedom along with taking responsibility for one’s actions. Another Wiccan belief includes the Law of Threefold Return, which means whatever benevolent or malevolent actions one commits will … Read more

The 1886 Crescent Moon Hotel hauntings

With the skyrocketing interest of paranormal phenomena, it seems like haunted places and objects are popping up everywhere. Although it is easy to be just a little skeptical of every report of paranormal activity, there are certain places that stand out from the crowd. One such place is the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, … Read more

5 Top self help motivational books by influential authors

Self-help books have regularly made an appearance in the best selling lists of non-fiction. Some of the top-selling self-help books of all time have become classics and continue to inspire many of those who read them. The following five titles are top-selling self-help books by authors who are regarded as being highly influential. Their books … Read more

A brief study of the religions of China and Japan

China and Japan are two of the great oriental cultures. The people of these nations have a rich heritage that carries back for many centuries of development in every area of cultural life. One of the central tenets of any culture is its religious heritage. This heritage determines how the people of a nation view … Read more

Is Religion just a Crutch

Most people are born into a family that either has a strong faith base, or a family who may believe in whatever religious traditions were handed down to them by their parents. Then there are those few who are lucky enough to be born into a family who has no religious belief system and encourages … Read more

Best Books for Intermediate Pagans

Generally speaking, as soon as people ask me for my recommendations on what books are a good place to start for a new Pagan, they ask me for a list of what books are good for a mid-range Pagan. Someone who isn’t really advanced, that is to say not totally comfortable yet with their practice … Read more

Living the magical life

Magick is not a mere way of life – it is your life. As a true initiate, you ought to live in accordance with its tenets (in accordance with the very demands and yearnings of your heart). The path of magick, if taken with much zeal and passion, is a very demanding path – and … Read more

Abrahams Seed

The phrase, “Abraham’s seed” tends to bring to mind the vast number of people born to both Abraham and his descendants. However, in reading the following verse, we see that when God made His covenant with Abraham, He did not say seeds, but rather He used the word: seed. The singular, not the plural, and … Read more