Were Humans Created by Humans – No


“Babies have big heads and big eyes, and tiny little bodies with tiny little arms and legs. So did the aliens at Roswell! I rest my case.” William Shatner, Star Trek.

Did aliens actually create humans? Nope, I don’t think so. It would more be like humans created aliens. I have followed the whole alien question for years. I have seen the videos of the spacecraft and read a number of books about aliens. I’ve seen almost all of the websites on the subject and have yet to be truly convinced that aliens are real.

Humans had a great struggle to get to where we are today.

We struggled to even stay alive as a species. There was a point where some of the earliest humans almost ceased to exist; we were almost as extinct as the dinosaurs. It was a struggle for us to exist and in some ways, life is still a struggle for humans.

The whole idea of aliens is firstly absurd because there is so real little evidence for aliens; about as much evidence for aliens as there is for God. I have been waiting to be convinced about aliens but all the so-called evidence is so flimsy that I am just not that gullible to buy it.

Whether it is religion or aliens, they are in the same realm of fantasy to me; it would be nice to suggest that aliens helped build the pyramids in Egypt and in Central America. Teotihuacan would be real easy to wrap it in a nice neat little package if aliens were to have helped in some way to have created it.

All of the questions of early life on the earth could be answered without having to involve humans at all. One of the biggest mysteries in all of South America is Tiahuanaco. Tiahuanaco is over 2 miles above sea level and has been built out of some huge and massive stones. One of the more amazing structures is the Gateway of the Sun.

The Gateway of the Sun is a one-piece solid granite 10-ton megalith.

Some people just can not wrap their minds around the fact that this is man-made. For some, it’s easier to think it is either alien made or made with the help of aliens. The fact is that humans are resourceful and are capable of so many things including creating the Gateway of the Sun.

Are you familiar with the Nazca lines?

If so then you’ll know that these lines go for miles and some lines form birds and other creatures. There are some who would suggest that there is a drawing of an astronaut. This astronaut is a representation, they say, of a real astronaut that they had come into contact with. Either that or they were just as imaginative as many other cultures.

No, as exciting as the prospect is, aliens did not create humans but as I said before humans created aliens.


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