Why there is a need for spiritual healing


The world is sick and until the human race understands the soul as well as the body and the mind, it needs to be healed, there will be no peace nor wellness in the world. Respect for the Creator should lead the way toward total healing of body, mind, and spirit. Often heard is the need for body healing but seldom is soul-sickness heard about outside of religious circles. Why? What do the experts say?

“The word “spirit” may sound spooky and weird, but “spirit” is often used as a generic term to collectively describe God and sometimes those souls on the ‘other side’ who come to assist with healing. These are loving souls who still wish to be of service to humankind. They may be Guides anyone who knows of spiritual matters, or they may simply be people who were doctors or healers in their last earthly incarnation and still wish to continue this healing work.”

Healing, is from two sources, those initiated by the person in need, and the healing hands’ of others. In the first, the person in need sees a connection between their physical illnesses and the soul and to heal they take the matter up with their God; the second way is the belief or the intervention of the healers, the doctors, caregiver, or family of the one in need. Prayer, in both methods of healing, is a powerful force and can bring about actual healing of the whole person or it can cause healing of the spirit that accepts the physical limitations imposed by the illness.

The world is not happy even though the greater part of it has everything at its disposal to make it happy. Alas, it isn’t. That shows something is amiss. Spiritual healing goes far in eliminating much of the world’s troubles. When a person is spiritually well they are accepting of whatever happens to them. They don’t necessarily want it that way, but they don’t heap more ill upon themselves by anger or by denying the truth of their wellness or lack thereof. Those who seek spiritual healing will be awarded in many ways:

Peace of mind

The mind needs rest from its frenzied activities. It does not need to be concerned about things above and beyond its control. It needs to keep on track with its messaging system of giving and sending messages to the right person and it does not need to be ambushed by fears, wrong information, and impossible demands.

Therefore, if the spirit is in good working order, there will be less interference with how the brain carries out its activities.

Acceptance of responsibilities

A person that is spiritually well with be capable of assuming their daily workload and will not be thrown off course with every little disparaging remark heard or put another way, with every little ill wind that blows in their direction. Accepting responsibility for one’s self is the sign of a mature person. It happens most often with those who are in tune with themselves and their creator.

Family harmony

Those who are spiritually well—and this is not a one- time cure, it’s an ongoing process of keeping the spiritual side of life as well as the physical in good repair—will likewise have more peace within their families. Mothers and fathers will not expect more from their children than they can do and they will accept them and love them unconditionally.

Economical soundness

Those who are in tune with themselves as they were created will not be seeking comfort outside of themselves. They will not be prone to overspend and thus will be being happy with what they already have and with what has been paid for will be utilized. A spiritually aware person will know the real meaning of money and will use it wisely.

Helpfulness to others

When one is well in their priorities they have time to become helpful to others. They go out among the people and where there are needs they seek to help out in any way possible. They do this, of course, without sacrificing themselves and their beliefs but they don’t withhold aid when they have comfort or means to help another. Their aim in life is to be a help and not a hindrance to the world.

A better-educated world

With less spiritual sickness, the world will be a better-educated world. There will be fewer frills in the classrooms and more truths that will have a lasting effect. Children at school at all ages will have a better grasp of reality and will learn not to strive for limits beyond their capacities. But more than that they will learn how to separate their fantasies from the real issues they need to be concerned with.

Overall, healing begins with a change in how one thinks and it must be connected to all of one’s life processes. As an example of that, one cannot hide one part of one’s life and not expect it to have an effect on the rest of the body. An old adage says something to this effect, as a man thinks, he does. And in order to get one’s life in total harmony, the spiritual must lead the way. The light it sheds cannot be hidden nor can it be denied.

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