Morals don’t require religion

Agnosticism is not an indecisive religion, but rather, it is a lifestyle, much like Judaism or Buddhism (the list goes on). Some agnostics believe there is a God; a better word would be a “higher being.” However, they have accepted the fact they don’t know this for a fact, and instead of arguing about which … Read more

Agnosticism why neither Religion nor Atheism is right

Everything in our lives is weighed against our assumptions. Everything is judged, from our experiences to our very emotions. The entirety of our sentient existence is shaped by that set of ingrained assumptions. Realizing this, one must wonder at the nature of our assumptions, our basis for conscious thought: For instance, generally we assume that … Read more

How new atheism has changed the game?

After decades of routinely despising atheists for their personal choice to live their lives free of religion, the religious community is now turning atheism’s respect for rational thinking into a weapon against rational thinking itself. It is no longer enough for the believer to hate the nonbeliever, not sufficient anymore to shun atheists, or to … Read more

Why Atheists are right

I view the title, “Why Atheists are Right”, as relating to behavior. I am an atheist, but I can’t say that all atheists are right, or that religious believers are right. I think it is all a matter of opinion and what you believe in. However, I think that atheists are right in how they … Read more

atheist child

Atheism vs Agnosticism

The question regarding the difference between these two non-religious worldviews is a complex question and in practice the two terms don’t even need to be mutually exclusive. The term atheism originated Greek word “atheos” which means “without gods” and was a negative term that applied to anyone who rejected the gods of the state. Originally … Read more

An atheistic view of morality

To address this question of compatibility between what one would call morality and a non-belief in God or any form of supernatural higher power theist underlies the existence of the universe/s the first question that really has to be dealt with is what do we mean by “morality” and how it would be relevant to … Read more