A Shift in Human Consciousness


The process of Mastery in any endeavor is a process that often involves the extensive dedication of hours because the psyche is a habitual matrix that learns automatic behavior through the power of reinforcement and through the hypnotic law of applied repetition and association.
The psyche or as some know it, the subconscious, has its own list of associations accumulated from at least birth onward that it utilizes to build personalized concepts when new information enters the mind for assimilation.

Knowing this the process of mastery over one’s consciousness, which involves being aware of oneself, as well as the thoughts and roots of thoughts that act as precursors to actions and their resulting effects, can be arduous, and time consumptive.

As frustrating as it may be, this process, which has been described by many metaphysicians and like specialists as the path to ascension, differs in experiential difficulty levels of mastery from individual to individual, in a world of degrees, that can often make the progress of humanity’s collective conscious elevation seem doomed, and to have possibly failed already.

Training Consciousness at Various Levels

If we are to see this world’s potential as a stepping stone or ground for training consciousness at various levels, we might come to conclude that as in other systems, there are a range of individuals from the most basic student to the most seasoned teacher. Working with the complex layers of the human brain from the notorious r-complex, also known as the “reptile brain”, onward to the topmost layer, the neocortex, it stands to reason that we will find individuals in society who rely on their predatory fight or flight r-complex brain reflexes, as well as those who have overcome the power of the r-complex’s urge-based signals with the adept reasoning ability of the neocortex region.

The Reality of Levels

The reality of levels, in conjunction with the goal of ascension, does not imply instant perfection. On the contrary, there are some personalities that require severe repetition before a new idea can be assimilated and implemented into the database of the automatic action function of the psyche.

This can spell hope for those who doubt that the purposes of this world are just, and intended to serve higher consciousness. Just as a child will learn the concepts that follow it throughout life, after being programmed into the memory banks of the psyche’s awesome force-machine, so may we be learning the tools that will serve us in higher levels of reality, that may quite possibly be concealed simply because we have not attained the level of ability to perceive them yet.

The Power of intent, and the Value of Awareness

Recent media has entered the mainstream’s embrace, which emphasizes the power of intent, and the value of one’s awareness over-focused thought. If there is any indication that the collective conscious is ready for a shift, and even stands at the edge of the current line drawn in metaphorical sand between it and the next level for mass perception, the recent favor of metaphysical media in the mainstream may well be it.

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