Astral Temple


Astral temples are a great tool when one is seeking peace, a respite from the world or perhaps answers to nagging problems. They can be as complicated as you wish or can be a simple visualization to enhance other programs of healing or meditation for example. This article will briefly touch upon the subject of astral temples in a very simple and direct way and hopefully will encourage you to learn more and to expand your knowledge.

An astral temple is a thought-form within your mind that can be painted upon the astral plane and, over time, will grow and solidify to the point where you will have a fully working sanctuary for your pleasure and for your meditation. The steps involved are quite simple and although one can make the process a lot more complicated, these first simple steps are more than just a foundation for further research. These steps can, in fact, be the only steps you need to promote peace and wellness within yourself.

Imagining a Scene or Place

Firstly one must imagine a scene or a place that you feel completely at home with. You can either imagine one from scratch or you could use an existing building that inspires you but not one that you have ever entered before. In other words, you would visualize a favorite work of architecture from the outside only and build the interior to your own specifications. Personally I favor the method of building from scratch to the exact specifications of my imagination. Then over time, it becomes more and more solid giving me a place to visit whenever I wish.

Suspend all rational judgment

Always remember that you must suspend all rational judgment here and allow your mind to do what it does best; to create. You might wish for example to have a castle high on a cliff face looking out across the ocean as whales and dolphins splash below. You might wish to have a secret door within an old oak tree that opens to a vast landscape of ancient stones or fresh flower meadows. The choice is yours as long as you are guided by want you want and not by what you think you should have. Do not assume that it must be mystical or metaphysical in nature either. You could envision a modern city skyscraper or a modern office if you wish. This is YOUR temple.

Work on it Daily

Once you have chosen your environment then work on it daily. Do not as yet attempt any particular assignments or personal techniques. Just build up the scene over days, weeks and months and allow it to be there simply for you to enjoy and to experience.

The essential key here is consistency. Keeping your astral environment solid and changeless will allow it to manifest upon the astral plane and will let you infuse it with your constant stream of consciousness. You can, of course, add new rooms or outbuildings for example but the base environment must be constant. Obviously the weather and elemental aspects can change. Sometimes you may wish to peer from an upstairs window and watch the rain against the glass, or you may wish to tend the outside garden in the sun. The emphasis is, as always, is what YOU wish. Once established you can, if you desire, add rooms to your astral temple. You may want a single all-purpose room, or you may prefer an astral library, healing room, religious service chapel or even a kitchen. Let your mind run free.

Enjoy your environment

Now as you drift off to sleep at night you can enter your temple, by whatever means you prefer, and enjoy your environment. You may, for example, simply appear there or you may visualize yourself riding a great bird to your personal landscape. Once there you can go to your chapel to ask for healing, you can enter a sacred pool to relieve tension or you can visit your vast library for inspiration for a new project. The possibilities are vast and limitless. If you wish you may set aside a specific time for your visualization and perhaps use a specific incense that you light before you embark upon your astral journey. Again the particulars of the incense are not important. Just choose one that inspires or relaxes you and the more you use it the more it will become associated with your astral temple. Then whenever you experience the aroma you will already be partly there.

Having used this technique for many years I can tell you how soothing, calming and inspirational it is. From easing sleep disorders to actually helping solve specific problems, building an astral temple is a beautiful and wonderful experience. So build your own personal astral space and discover the limitlessness of your very being.

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