Cosmic Ordering and whether it can Work


To a person who is new to the law of attraction,
in terms of deliberate intent, want and need
appear to be very much the same thing.

After all, if you need money to pay the rent,
how is that any different from wanting it?

Is not the contrast between the two views one of
joyful expectation and another of manic desperation?

And if you are desperate for love, money,
or an orange pea coat, your entire energy of intention
is focused on it not being here and when we place
our attention on what we lack by mandate what
we lack will continue to manifest.

There will be no orange coat anytime soon if ever.

Using the law of attraction to create
an environment that brings you happiness and
makes you comfortable in your own
skin is why you’re here.

You are here to create and be of service.

It is your divine right.

Living in desperate misery in a constant
state of need is the furthest point
from God that one can stand.

It is an isolation that propels more desperation
for there is nothing more lonely than
being cut off from your origin and truth.

That is the difference between want and need.

Some have said to me that wanting something
is just too self-serving and that’s not who they are.

After tempering my initial response, I would suggest
that just perhaps they are afraid to want because
they have asked for their desires in
the past only to be let down.

Some are afraid to ask because they have
no clarity as to what it is they really want.

When you ask, the wheels are instantly
set into motion to get you that orange pea coat
whether you know it or not.

However, if you are creating from a place of
need, you are immediately following up
your wish with a slew of reasons as to
why it can’t happen.

All of these countering notions slow down
or completely stop what you asked for
two seconds ago.

That’s why some don’t believe and
that’s why some don’t even bother to ask.

When you focus on what already exists
around you, again by mandate you
receive more of what you already have.

Practice shifting your attention and feelings
to those things that make you feel good.

If you don’t know what you want, say so.

I want to know what I want.

That is not flinging another desperate need
against the wall and hoping it sticks.

It is setting your intention.

I want to feel good.

I want peace of mind.

I want abundance to flow to me unobstructed.

How different does that feel from:

If I don’t come up with another $100,
I’ll be evicted.

Stop focusing on what you lack and
what you lack will be nothing.

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