Do Inanimate Objects Hold Energy


Every matter, living or non-living, holds energy. In fact, they do not only possess energy – they are energy. Hence, inanimate objects, from the biggest rock to the smallest grain of sand, hold energy.

Look around you; what do you see? The multiverse is a web of energy. It is in a constant fusion which permits the world to exist.

Energy is Present in Every Inanimate Object

Every inanimate object holds energy. This energy is not locked within an object but it even emits beyond its material shell of manifestation – commonly referred to as the aura. With proper training, any person can learn to feel this energy; the energy that is inherent in all of creation. The learned Magician can even see it with his trained eyes.

More about Energy

It must be clarified that this energy is not limited to the formula (E = mc²) founded by the renowned Mr. Einstein. The real energy of magick is beyond quantification; it is the vital force of all creation. In fact, there are people who have thus equated: Energy = God.

Energy is Inherent in Every Inanimate Object

Energy is what enables every object (animate and inanimate) to exist. Every stone, chair, light, pen, computer, etc. is energy.

From the grandest work of art to the most diminutive product of creation, whether visible or invisible, it is the same magical energy that only appears in diverse faces: different colors, one rainbow.

Energy Quality

Although every object contains energy, the quality of energy may differ from one object to another. This is also another reason why Witches who are engaged in rituals choose one item to be used over another, depending on the intention and the desired result. The degree and quality of the charge which every object possesses can vary. Just like human beings, some are good and kind-hearted people; while others (if not, many) are just naturally cruel.

Path to Oneness

Man lives in an ocean of energy: The good and the bad; animate or inanimate; both mundane and spiritual, have all been “breathed” by God to partake in the web of life. Through this constant fusion of forces, seasoned with seeming differences and opposites, shall a man find oneness in life.


Energy is the life force that sets the whole of creation in motion. It is what enables your computer to work, and it is also what you use to read this article. Do inanimate objects hold energy? Again, look around you:

Everything is – energy.

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