Feng Shui Birthday


The birthday, and more specifically the birth year, is important to feng shui. Using your year of birth and a simple calculation, it is easy to determine an individual’s favorable directions. This is essential to adjust the feng shui of personal space, such as the bedroom.

The Pa Che Compass

The Pa Che compass has nine variations, each assigned a number, and this number allows you to determine which directions are favorable or unfavorable to the individual. Other methods involve analyzing your day of birth, the month of birth and the hour of birth, but for general purposes, this is the easiest method.

Calculating the Directional Number

If you are male your directional number will be determined as follows: subtract the last two numbers of your year of birth from 100, and divide that number by nine. For example, if you are a man born in 1980, subtract 80 from 100 and divide the number you got by nine. The remainder is your directional number. If your calculation amounts to five then you will follow the Pa Che compass that corresponds with the number 2.

If you are female, you will calculate your directional number as follows: subtract the number four from your birth year and divide that number by nine. For example, if you are a woman born in 1980, subtract four from 80 and divide that number by nine. The remainder is your directional number. If the number you calculated was five, follow the Pa Che compass that corresponds with the number 8.

The Pa Che compass uses the later trigrams to determine favorable directions. Since there are nine trigrams and only eight directions, the number five is considered neutral. Therefore, people who have calculated the number five are directed to one of two different personal compasses. If you have calculated the number five you should use either the number two or the number eight depending on your gender.

Pa Che compass charts are easily found online. Each individual will always have four positive and four negative directions. Charts and lists are readily available to see which colors, elements, and directions will favorably influence your life and which will bring misfortune. If you want to go further, there are many books and websites that will help you to determine a more detailed profile for your personal feng shui.

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