How can you tell He’s Losing Interest


Whether you are an avid dater or a woman looking for a long-term relationship, men can get bored at the way you act, the way you think, and other ways. This does not mean that you should change how your personality based on a man’s approval. No, this is just a way to find out if he’s interested or not.

There are many ways to tell if he’s losing interest. Try not to base these on just one of the signs. If he is really losing interest, try testing him on various signs. It could just be that he is idly moving because it is in his nature to do so. Try to not panic if he’s losing interest too. Guys like us don’t like that. It makes us think that something is wrong with us sometimes if we are interested and you start panicking like that.

When he’s not interested:

He will cross his arms a lot.

Speaking from experience, when a man is bored they will cross their arms. This body language induces the fact that they are probably thinking about something else, and not listening to your day at work. The mind will begin doing idle animations to different parts of the body to keep itself busy. If you are that boring to him, try changing the subject.

He will lean back, or farther away from you.

Men tend to be repelled by boredom. If he is not interested he will be leaning farther and farther away from you.

He will look at other places, fail to make eye contact.

A man is always bored when they are not looking at you.

Now this does not mean you should keep a watchful hawk eye on him and the second he looks somewhere else, he isn’t interested. No. He could be looking away for another reason, somebody caught his eye, that new car he saw in the parking lot, and other things. Remember the only way to tell is if many of these signs are showing.

He will not follow your movements.

If you need a quick test to see if he’s interested, try moving forward, moving back, take a sip of your drink, or take a deep breath. If he is interested, he will subconsciously mimic you. Human nature copies the other person’s personality and adapts to the other person. If he is really paying attention to you, he will be mimicking your movements.

He answers unthoughtfully.

This is really similar to texting. If he is not interested, then he will answer your questions in a very unthoughtful way, similar to a “lol.” or a “oh.” from a text. If he is not answering most of your questions, try asking about him. Signs show that if you ask about a man’s life, he will be more than interested in telling you about his life.

He has a sleepy look.

This could mean that you kept him up too late last night while watching that new movie that came out on DVD, or this could also mean that his brain is triggering a mental reflex where if the brain and body are not stimulated enough, it will begin shutting down to relax.

Ways to tell he is interested:

He makes constant eye-contact.

The man is interested when he makes constant eye-contact with you. He will always stare into your eyes or drift off in your eyes. Of course, this could also be because of the salad you have on your teeth.

He follows your movements.

Common Human nature, generally speaking, is when a person follows your movements. Humans are curious people and the subconscious is eager and very curious. Every time you do something the man will mimic you if he is interested. Try taking a sip if your drink. If he has a drink, see if he tries to take a sip of his drink. In almost every case this type of behavior will prove that he is just interested in you.

He will get closer to you.

This is both a good and bad thing. One, this could mean he still isn’t interested in what you have to say, just .. some other thing. But this could also mean that the man is really interested and wants to hear more from you. You can be the judge of this.

He lights up and smiles when you ask about him.

Usually, when a man is interested in you he will smile and talk a lot more than he should.

Of course, if he is boring you try to not show it, as this could offend him and he could in return, try to act as if he is losing interest in you.

He acts differently around you.

If you know the guy well, then you know how he acts around his guy friends. If he acts in a totally new personality around you, you know that he is interested in you. A man that is interested in you will act differently around you. He will subconsciously change the way he acts in order to please you. It is baffling, but it is human nature.

He dresses differently around you.

Around the guys, he might dress up in some really low pants so low that you could hear the chains on them scrape the sidewalk, but around you, he changes his wardrobe completely to look different. Most guys do this on purpose to feel better about themselves and build confidence.

He looks nervous.

When a guy is nervous, it means he really likes you. He just needs that push of confidence to get over himself and really start acting interested.

Of course, these are not golden rules that you must follow very strictly to tell if he’s losing interest in you. It really varies from man to man. But it should be really obvious if he’s losing interest if you know the guy well. If he is beginning to lose interest in you and you can tell, try to ask about his life. Act as if you are curious (and you should be genuinely curious) about how he lives and that you want to learn more about how his life is.

Sometimes relationships just don’t work.

Don’t try to hard to keep him from losing interest. Sometimes the things you like are just downright boring to him. Do not change your personality and turn into a fake-rendering of yourself just to keep him interested. And do NOT make up any lies at all, because he will find out in the future.

How can you tell He’s Losing Interest?


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