How to see Life through Symbolic Sight


This new term symbolic sight is not of course really new. It has always existed, but it has just been referred to under differing names.

One other such interpretation of this, I have heard to be called the” Golden tongued wisdom. ”

This refers to the fact that there is a type of wisdom that can be found embedded within every experience. It talks to us glowingly within a golden thread of love that connects us to the event, when we do not break this connection. This golden-tongued wisdom is talking to us from our every life event.

The wholeness of sight must include sight coming from all parts of our self to give the greater true picture as it exists for us within love’s mirror.

Symbolic sight is establishing an intuitional connection to your other ways of seeing, and that links the different ways of seeing, all together. Our eyes see from the physical plane, our brains interpret this often physically and directly, but sometimes also with emotional attachments.

Our symbolic sight enters the picture when we see that everything that happens is really happening to love.

When we know this, we look for love’s hidden symbols of itself that are often hidden within every single one of our life’s experiences. There is never an instance of love that cannot be found, or that is not present in every instant of your life.

When we can correctly interpret these symbolic messages, we are linked to the underlying love, that has sent the experience to us, for us to learn from. This gives us the inner eyes of our heart to then see with these eyes of love much deeper into our own lives. This helps us to both understand ourselves better, as well as better understanding our relationship to life, to love, and to God.

Understanding basically comes from connection. When we connect both to our own higher power, and to God, as our higher power sits within God, we can then see God’s love in its dynamic action creatively working perfectly for us within our lives, at all times.

In this way, by obtaining meaning from the symbolic renderings of love, we can find the greater meaning of all meaning, and that is residing in both God, and within us. Seeing more in this way is always healing for us. This is because probably more than half of all healing is understanding. This utilizing of our inner eyes is one of the steps and tools that we can use in our own self-analysis and self-observation, as we get to know our own true path and purpose for serving God.

This is growing in aware consciousness of our own truths, as they sit within God’s complete truth, and then having the courage and faith to live practically from only our truths in all areas of our lives. In short, we are our true selves, at all times.

Every spiritual path and purpose is always only ever about serving God, living from his love, and doing his will. We all have our own unique view and perception, or way of seeing. This is the insight obtained from our inner vision, as obtained by going inwards to match what we are seeing outwardly. What we see on the outer is always a reflection in symbols of what is going on for us in our inner worlds.

Interpreting love’s messages to us is reading God’s diary about us, and listening to his messages to us of how he would like to see us growing within him like us. Having symbolic sight is seeing all of these subtle inner connections, and then linking them together with our intuition.

Intuition, Dreams, and Meditation

Intuition, dreams, and meditation are some of the ways that we can use to both contacts and interpret, what is coming to us from our soul’s inner vision. All of these inner ways of seeing help to describe to us and picture for us the story of what is really happening within our lives. Our outer life is only one short page of the book of our life, which is a volume within God’s own library.

The term symbolic sight has been attributed to as being coined by the writer Carolyn Myss, the best-selling author of the book, ”Anatomy of the Spirit.” This type of sight is about obtaining inner learning from the outer lessons of our lives. We need to learn how to inwardly learn. Developing our inner eyes is a part of this learning.

This article is an introduction at best to this new idea of developing symbolic sight.

It could go far deeper, and touch on other facets, such as the archetypes of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. Using various archetypes, and just knowing of their existence, allows us to see that such things as love, healing, and spirituality are contained within every life experience. Indeed they are an integral part of the very makeup of every such experience.

Caroline Myss writes about this power of symbolic sight, as being a new language of spiritual interpretation. She also claims that this can only ever help you to become more experienced and knowledgeable about understanding yourself, and about getting to know your own life’s purpose or mission.

Seeing with compassionate eyes is what allows us to see the love that is within every experience. Seeing the love is what connects us back again to God. We also then see God as being within everything, and we then realize our place in the oneness of his infiniteness. I mean here that we now realize that we are one of the infinite parts within God’s overall oneness.

We exist within God’s oneness.

God is everywhere and in everything. Seeing God in everything is using symbolic sight to interpret all signs, all designs, all things, as coming ultimately only ever from God, and as a result of God’s loving.

“People only see what they are prepared to see.”

This quote is from the American philosopher and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

When we prepare ourselves more, by knowing ourselves better, and by developing more our symbolic sight, we will see far more of life then, than perhaps we are seeing right now, from our currently more limited, and limiting vision. Life is about seeing more and seeing then even more, in more and ever more ways.

This is growing and seeing through our inner vision, and utilizing more the power of symbolic sight.

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