Is your Body a Temple


Is the body a temple?

I have always thought so, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this topic jump out at me. To view this amazing chemical factory, our body, so intricately designed as a gift from the mystery of life is surely a good reason to keep it pure and clean and regard it as a receiver of things spiritual. A temple by definition is a building for worship, which assumes something that could crumble and fall in an earthquake or some such violent happening. A body, on the other hand, is full of life energy and can constantly change and adapt and keep up with the times. To worship assumes a God and you don’t always need an expensive building to sing the praises of your Maker. I have found that the messages from above are far more easily recognized through my mind than in the temple building amongst other people. Sometimes the answer to a situation over which you have no control is suddenly with you and it seems like events were orchestrated from above. It seems like a miracle.

If your body is your temple to communicate with the Creator then it is a good idea to keep the channels clear and clean.

Keep your heart and actions as pure as you can and then you’ll have the perfect temple to link to the heavens. I sometimes imagine, just like the Ark of the Covenant was a receiver for god’s word then, that we have progressed from those days so that he talks to us individually through our bodies, his given temple. It is far better this way for the dangers of a building type temple are that people will get power hungry inside and interrupt that pure body temple connection and sway your individual thoughts. A built temple is a kind of physical block to this pure natural connection with the body as a temple, in my opinion.

The body is many parts making up a whole, a complete whole. Many of the man-made building type temples are at variance with each other and divide the whole. For instance, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is shared by three faiths and I’ve seen a documentary where if one faith so much as steps a fraction of an inch over their space all hell breaks loose. This is surely a good reason to regard your body as the ultimate temple. The head and brain can be your altar and the neck can be your knave. The chest and stomach can be the congregation and the legs and arms are there to save. Your feet can make your temple portable so if you want to worship by the sea all you have to do is go there and say thank you on bended knee.

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