Numerology the Significance of the Number 1


Numerology is the study of the influence of numbers on our lives. There is a relationship between numbers both to love, and to God.

God is oneness, but what significance has this got to the number one, as it relates to numerology?

All numbers add up to number one, in that all numbers always return to oneness.

Even infinity is only oneness, split apart. This all means that number one in numerology is significantly dominant in all numerological charts or other such related writings.

The number one is the most important of all the numbers that can come up within a numerological reading. It also has the most chances of coming up.

The number one figures five times in the months and appears in four of the twelve months. Number one also appears in 13 of the possible 31 days that are within a month, and it appears 14 times while doing so. The chances of a number one appearing in your numerological chart are therefore much greater than it is for the appearance of any of the other numbers.

The way that the calendar is set up means that every person born within the 20th century will have at least one number one, within their numerology profile. In this, the 21st century now, all people born for the next 1000 years will have the number two within their charts influencing them. For the last 1000 years, people born within that time period were being more influenced by number one.

The number one signifies that a person resting within this number’s field of influence is the type of person that never sees more than the oneness that is in all things. Sometimes this can be good, other times it often leads to the inflexibility of attitude, and to blindness in allowing others to be themselves.

We are all finding our true being within God’s oneness, and there is room for all numbers, and for all types of people, always infinitely so.

Number one could be said to indicate a new beginning, but it also indicates completion. The number one could also be said to be the purest of all numbers, as it reflects for us the truth of God’s oneness.

What significance is it that we have moved from the dominance of number one to now being more dominated by the number two? Does it mean that we are now more interested in our own selves, and within our own self-development, rather than in developing ourselves within the oneness that is obtained by serving only God, from his perfect love?

Love becomes one, only when God is being fully served.

When we isolate love away from its fullness within God, by trying to form our own pocket of love for ourselves, our personal development becomes more important to us then than serving others. We have then moved away from our overall connective loving stance to them, which has been built on us all being a part of God’s oneness and his love.

The number two, therefore, has a separating influence that must be overcome if we are not to drift right away from God, by trying to make God’s of our own selves. We can be a part of God within God, but we can never be the whole of God.

Certain calculations can be made to determine the numbers that are linked to your own birth date, and to your given birth name. From the associative assessment of the influence of these numbers, obtained from calculating your own relevantly individualized special numbers, certain patterns and characteristics of a person with these numbers influencing them the most, can be obtained, or more accurately observed.

All of these observations have been recorded into books and charts, and by consulting them, we can obtain a good in-depth picture of the inner meaning that is so often hiding behind the outer person that we might presently be.

Number one shines on us all as the sun does onto our Earth. On the one hand, one infers isolation, but on the other hand, all else springs forth only ever from this power of one. The one creates all else from out of itself.

What are the influences on us from God’s oneness?

The qualities of leadership and the energy of being so motivated are consequent on recognizing this power of oneness as also being within our own selves. People with the number one influencing them are often more developed in these areas of leadership, and focussed directive creative output in their lives.

Oneness influences us all, but so does everything always affect everything else.

Oneness is self-contained, and this allows the “ones” type of person, to be more really their own true selves, than are most other numbers. This then gives them the added focussed isolation of power needed to further drive themselves forwards as leaders and motivators of other men and women.

As they say though, too much power only ever corrupts, and so a person is dominated by the number one, can often become too overly focussed in a domineering, self-centered or even an overly selfish way. When they do this, they move away from being part of the oneness of love or God, and they often become regimentally focussed, and almost demanding in wanting to command others from their now egotistically positioned artificially constructed power base.

This number can lead you to want to be only your own boss. Number ones are often self-made businessmen, or they are often self-employed.

The vibrations of energy in your influencing numbers describe how you inwardly process love’s energy within you. Vibration affects all, and this is what builds your own nature in a way that you then follow almost blindly if you don’t become more aware of what is really happening.

Number one is the master creator of all else.

This means than this type of person is usually also creative, positive, and energetically inventive. Their energy can push them individually to shine forth as their own person, always being actively involved in pursuing ever new directions, and establishing other creative outlets. They are decisive and ambitious, always wanting to keep moving and to push ahead with a new project, or to make a fresh start in yet another new direction.

Their energy often becomes their worst energy. They can become scattered in trying to do too many things at once, and so lose the connective real power base that relies on them being soundly one in their thinking seeing the bigger picture, instead of painting their own part of it in isolation.

They can forget then that the big picture is composed of lots of us making smaller pictures within it. Without the smaller pictures, there is no big picture, but without being able to see the big picture, we can never feel part of its oneness of design.

We are all painting our own part of the big picture.

When we paint our part in the picture we remain a part of the overall oneness when we try to paint a picture not connected to oneness, all that we do is to partly destroy the bigger picture that none of us can ever escape being a part of.

It is good for these ”ones” to follow this inner voice of course, as long as they don’t let it become so loud, that it then tries to drown out all other people’s voices as well. Be yourself, but always let others be themselves as well.

Walt Disney, George Washington, and Henry Ford are all well-known entrepreneurs or leaders, who were ” number one ” types of people.

Love brings itself to infinite influencing directions, and so does the number one. The other numbers all gain their power from love, or from this number one, but this is only so, as much as they can reconnect back to the number one, or love. All numbers must stay in tune with and align themselves with this number one, or with love.

This is the power of the number one, the greatest number of them all. It is the same power as the power of the oneness of God’s love. Love is the energetic power of God that gives life to all else. From number one, all other numbers are born.

Love is an energy that vibrates into each soul.

It vibrates in infinite ways, and a new way is found uniquely within each soul. This is why numbers are important; they represent one of the unique ways that love vibrates as you.

The number one represents the master vibration or the all-encompassing power of God. All other vibrations come out from this master vibration finding independent existence within each soul This is why numerology can depict and describe these differences, but they must always all relate back in some way to God, or to the master number one.

In mathematics, number one is defined to be a multi perfect number. It is defined to be neither a prime number or a composite number. It sits all alone amongst the infinity of all other numbers. The number one is the only known 1-perfect number.

This article is but a brief introduction to the meaning behind the number one as it is being depicted within numerology. The methods of calculating these numbers must be left to another article. The most important number to calculate though is your life path number. This number is simply the digit sum that is obtained from summing together all of the individual numbers in the full date of your birth.

In summary, then, number one is the most powerful of all of the numbers, and if it is your life path number it signifies that you have access to this power base because you are both determined and focussed, dynamic and self-reliant. You are the self-made man or woman. You just need to be careful that you do not allow yourself to be put on a pedestal, and selfishly want to laud it all over other people.

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