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Developing your own Psychic Protection Methods

You may well have heard horror’ stories about people ‘inviting spirit in’ or dabbling with the ‘occult’ only to suffer dire consequences. In such stories individuals have usually ended up with unknown spiritual entities running amok in their home, or even worse, possessing the individual themselves! It is no wonder that anyone approaching spiritual contact feels uneasy, perhaps a little scared about what the are letting themselves in for. There are so many programs on TV, and specialist magazines relating tales of supernatural woe that it can be difficult to tell fact from fiction.

How to ground and protect yourself?

If you speak to any experienced psychic or medium they will tell you that one of the most important skills that you need to learn is how to ground and protect yourself. So what exactly does this mean? To put in simple terms, think of yourself as a cartoon character, you go through life happily without incident, then strange things start happening, and as you open your mind to the idea of spiritual contact a small light appears above your head, almost like a light bulb. This light shines quite dimly at first but as you open your mind further and start to test your intuition and ask for signs from spirit, the light begins to burn brighter and brighter. So here you are walking around with a huge bright light above your head, in a community where everyone else is dull and their minds closed. Just like moths to a flame, your light will start to attract spirit wishing to let you know that they are there because they see your light as an open communication channel – like an unsecured broadband connection!

The best time for a spirit to make contact with you is when you are relaxed when your mind is unoccupied with everyday thoughts.

The time before sleep, when you are comfortable and relaxed, slipping into a dreamlike state is the ideal opportunity for them to make their move. How many times have you been about to fall asleep when you have heard a noise, thought someone was there, or turned bleary-eyed and imagined that you have seen a figure at the foot of your bed? You will probably find that as you develop psychically you will have more disturbed nights, more vivid dreams and more unexplained phenomena than you know what do you do with! This is where the Grounding and Protection’ come in.

Think of it this way, would you go deep-sea diving without a wetsuit and safety equipment? I thought not, its the same with psychic protection, it’s your personal safety equipment. How you choose to protect yourself is up to you. The most often taught method is for you to visualize yourself inside a golden bubble, inside the bubble you are protected from negative influences, both spiritual and physical. You are surrounding yourself in a golden protective light, building a shield between you and everything else. The more you practice the visualization the stronger your shield will become. It is a great place to start, but then how you choose to visualize your shield is up to you, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

By grounding’ yourself, you are quite literally anchoring yourself to the earthly plane, this helps to keep your feet firmly on the ground and stops you from losing touch with reality. It also helps to ground all of that psychic energy that is powering the giant light above your head! One of the simplest and most effective ways of doing this is by visualizing roots, like those of a great Oak, extending out from the soles of your feet, deep into the earth below you. As the roots travel downwards they spread in all directions grasping the earth and helping to keep you steady. As with any grounding or protection exercise, the more that you practice it the stronger it will become and the more noticeable the effects will be.

How many times each day you choose to practice the grounding and protection exercises is entirely up to you.

Though I would suggest that when first starting out you do it as many times a day as you can remember but especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The more you practice the more automatic it will become. You will find though, that as your skills develop you may need to adjust the levels of protection that you apply, this could be as simple as placing your bubble within another bubble or visualizing a reflective surface on the outside of your bubble, you will know what will work best for you.

Finally, to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, without interruptions from visiting spirit, you need to learn the art of closing down, this is basically how you switch off your lightbulb and put up a closed for business sign. Again their are a multitude of methods for doing this and methods vary from person to person. You could visualize yourself inside a giant flower, closing up the petals around you one by one until the flower is completely closed, or you could visualize yourself crawling inside a sack and closing it tight above your head. I have known a few people start to feel claustrophobic when doing this, so if it is something you suffer from, I’d avoid this particular method. If you have an understanding chakras you could visualize a colored light at each of the chakra points and turn them off one by one by one from base to crown. Or perhaps if you are a biker, visualize yourself putting on protective leathers, followed by your helmet, finally closing your visor. Do you get the idea? However you chose to close down is up to you, just remember that you are in effect sealing yourself off from spirit. You can always open yourself up again in the morning if you wish by reversing the closedown process.

Often when starting out upon psychic development you can feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that just seems to pop into your head day and night, it can make you anxious, sleepless and sometimes can get you down as you feel that you no longer have any peace. By learning to successfully ground, protect and close down, you are learning to take control of your gift to manage how and when you use it, which is something that a lot of people forget they can do.

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