Raising Human Consciousness


Consciousness manifests itself and only has existence within life. It fills your mind with itself. Consciousness is the experiencer, awareness is the witness and also the source of your consciousness. Awareness comes only from your soul.

Consciousness is not Eternal

I have read somewhere about the idea that if consciousness is time-bound it can not be eternal. This writer then went on to claim that any knowledge that is acquired through the medium of consciousness cannot be the real truth, and therefore should be rejected as only being a false image or distorted reflection of the real truth.

Is consciousness really all time-bound like this author has suggested?

The knowledge being acquired through consciousness must be part of the truth for truth is all that exists. Love is all and love makes truth real through consciousness. Consciousness can experience love and so it also knows love’s truths.

Nothing else exists except for love and its truth manifesting forth from it.

Everything is perfect. If we are not seeing everything as part of this great rendering of perfect truth into ourselves from love, it is only because we are the ones labeling truth in another way by creating dual aspects of it, or by dividing it somehow into so-called lesser forms of itself. There are no half-truths. All is either true or it is nothing, and it is not anything.

Love is not conscious of itself until it forms a segregated separation of its unconscious state into separate instances of consciousness created within time, but allowed to function from an indwelling infinite soul. In this way, finiteness is married to infiniteness and the great experience of love becomes conscious awareness through its finite experience of itself seen still from the infinite eyes of the soul.

A shift in human consciousness means that it has grown forwards from itself to itself.

Consciousness can also function only in a limited way as a witness to your mind. It can be far more than just a witness for you though, it can be the experience itself as it arises within you from the love passing through you from God.

Can consciousness be increased or enlarged in any way? Is consciousness composed of different levels of itself? Is consciousness divided into different planes of its different levels of vibration or something else like that? What is consciousness? Is it a field of some type? Is it only all the one substance that we can gain more of it, or can we more just gain further access to more of it and so it stays the same, but we are the ones to change?

Interesting questions and I will try to explain my own thinking on some of these ideas that I have raised here.

Consciousness is no more than love getting to know itself.

When love moves through created life, a field of consciousness is created. The more that life accepts love moving through it and understanding that love is its only true source of power, its consciousness field strengthens and grows until full consciousness is obtained and which equates to living from a full unconditional loving by that soul, or part of life.

Consciousness doesn’t exist independently but arises as I say from love moving into and through life.

The different bodies and planes of existence are all forms of experiential planes of growth for the soul to move through.

Consciousness exists across all planes of soul and arises in every part of creation. When creation is created within time, unconsciousness or nonexistence or infinity is allowed to condense itself and so consciousness comes out from hiding within the infinity of nothing or God and manifests itself as a witnessing agent and knowledge gatherer of soul’s experiences within love.

There are many planes of existence within the God Worlds. One of these is known to us as the Astral world for example. Our physical world itself is only just one such plane. Consciousness arises upon every plane in which the soul manifests itself a body and then operates this body by allowing love to power it. As much as we love is the degree to which our consciousness field grows and expands for us.

When we can reach an infinite level of loving, the paradox is that we then return to being a full part of God. We act then consciously within unconsciousness. Soul’s or the parts of God are the sources of God’s own consciousness. Consciousness is time-based and only arises from God’s creation being time-based. The experiences of consciousness arising from infinite love return into the infinity of unconsciousness or back to God.

All and everything else gain from our experience and a record is kept of our experiences within God. Time itself once created is never closed off or lost. Periods of time within overall time open and close and their records are kept forever within that part of unconscious infinity that has been responsible for creating that part of time-based existence within time.

These records of knowledge known as the Akashic records are kept within this field of consciousness and comes alive when a soul reads them with the light of love. Without consciousness, nothing exists and all are scattered to the winds. Consciousness is the witness of the love of the mind of the soul and of God.

What is consciousness?

It is the flow of love leaving a trail or record for itself within created time as it moves throughout infinity finitely for a period of time within created life and all creation.

Is consciousness shifting from itself, or is it more only growing itself somehow within us, or are we growing it somehow from us? Is consciousness a parasite on us or are we its creator?

These ideas are all back to front. Consciousness is not shifting as we are growing forwards within it. Consciousness is a growth of awareness within time. Unconscious consciousness exists within the infinity of all or of love, but conscious consciousness only ever comes into existence within the finiteness of living life.

A shift in consciousness is then a step upwards of the instrument’s ability to handle more consciousness. It is the human flesh body that is evolving to enable it to handle the inflow of greater and greater levels of consciousness, and this then allows for experiences of unconscious truth to be brought into conscious reality to a deeper and higher level. It takes an evolving brain and mechanism to handle the awareness that is manifesting through consciousness.

As the soul grows, it keeps evolving higher bodies for itself that creates a greater vehicle to handle the higher consciousnesses being created for it by soul and which has collected all consciousness’s experiences within itself. Your soul has turned the unconscious parts of itself into consciousness.

This process will eventually bring consciousness to unconsciousness and God becomes aware of himself through the experiences of his parts within consciousness. This same consciousness that has been created by the parts which are creating separate entities of life for themselves to finitely explore consciousness within finiteness.

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