Reflections on the Seed of the Serpent


I have researched this subject and what little I found was damning. Here in the USA people tend to scoff at this possibility but when I was in Africa the serpent race is taken for granted. The Africans have always known about them and this is why they warn their children about walking alone at night.
The very first thing that we all have to remember and never forget is that this planet, our Earth, is billions of years old; and in this great stretch of time, has spawned many other races before the coming of man; also many races from distant planets and stars came to contribute their genetic line when this planet was first able to support life upon its surface.

These races were not human so to speak, they did not possess an immortal spirit body as do humans. They were instead genetic advancements of whatever creature they represented. Example: Cats for the Cat People etc, Some of these races were highly intelligent despite not being human, told of in legends and highly advanced in technology. Most of these races dwelt upon the surface of the Earth and soon became extinct upon the coming of mankind except for that one race who still to this very day dwells within the center of the Earth. This is the serpent race, highly intelligent and very advanced in technology especially when it comes to cloning.

Strangely enough, I first became introduced to the fact of another world within this planet including the serpent race through science fiction. The famous PELLUCIDAR series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. In this world, the serpent race ruled over men. Truth is always stranger than fiction. The entrance to these worlds may be found at the North and South poles as proved by Admiral Byrd’s adventures. These discoveries of his were hushed up. Admiral Byrd found the entrance to the inner world which was tropical, the burning fiery core being its sun producing twenty-four hours of daylight. There were also what he described as prehistoric animals.

I also learned that the serpent race is capable of, and did clone their own race of blonde hair and blue-eyed humans and set them amongst the whites who were already indigenous to Europe. These whites intermarried with the natives and produced blood-lines that would go on to rule countries and vast empires undetected by others for the monsters that they truly were because of the change of hair and eye color. The serpent race is able to graft their own personalities upon the auras of their test tube created race. It is the personality of the serpent: cold-blooded, killer instinct and ruthless in its pursuit of prey.

The reason this race was created by the serpent race was because of its fear of mankind.

They had been driven back underground by the humans indigenous to the African continent.

The humans they cloned are referred to in this day as the Illuminati which is that small group of powerful and wealthy families or better yet, dynasties who in this day and have always wielded world power by conquering through war or industry. They are accustomed to lying, cheating and stealing without remorse. They serve no concept of God and worship power and wealth. They have organizations within Ivy League universities to make sure that their children stay within the Illuminati beliefs and are not influenced by others. Among these Illuminati have always been our world leaders especially England, Europe, and the USA.

Proof of this race’s existence

Proof of this race’s existence has been seen by residents in certain southern states one being the state of Alabama. A twelve-foot, slender, serpent-like creature with red eyes and who walked upright scared some rural residents of an Alabama town silly. It was covered by the news and other media complete with the long deep scratches that it left on some lady’s automobile.

Now just where did this thing come from? Everyone who saw it said that it went back into the swamp. The southern states are known to be warm and of high temperature. Serpents are cold-blooded I don’t care how advanced their genetic make-up is. So their appearance in Alabama with its heat would explain their ability to move about there. But why? Was it a scout from the world at the Earth’s core?

These creatures are organized and ruthless. Their craft has been mistaken for UFOs.

Talk of their existence can get one laughed at or into trouble with his/her governments.

Always but always these Illuminati keep in touch with their serpent creators through the blood ritual of sacrificing children by first raping them, then murdering them and then eating their hearts. Look to the Illuminati and their serpent masters if you want to find our lost children.

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