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Reincarnation or memory retained in DNA?

About 14 years ago I was regressed to a previous life. I firmly believed that I had lived before at least once and the experience was so real that I still remember all of it. However, recently I discovered that one of my ancestors had done things very similar to what I experienced in my regression session. This leads me to wonder if DNA could possibly carry memory as well as physical and personality traits.

I did not think about reincarnation or have any strong views either way before the above happened. Apart from thinking I must have done something really awful in a previous life to be lumbered with my present one. as for the first part of my life I was abused and depressed.

In regression I was a young man (I said my name was Tom Brown) I was taking a horse to market, walking along an unmade road, dressed in drab brown with my feet wrapped in some sort of crudely made leather boots. The horse it appears belonged to my master, he was not aware that I was going to sell it. Moved on, a few weeks later I was taking a crop of wheat to the mill. I had harvested it the previous night without the owner’s permission. The final uncovered memory found me in a Jail in York. I clearly remember seeing wagon wheels from a barred window below ground level. I also remember feet, wrapped in the leather of various colors with ties around the ankles, going past the window. When asked what I had done to land in Jail I said. “It was Mary’s fault.” Mary was the bailiff’s daughter and she died as I pulled her from her horse.

I did not go on with regression and did not think very much about the above again. I had visited York on several occasions, and loved the city but had no other connection with it in this lifetime.

Researching my family history

About 5 years ago I began researching my family history. I was fascinated and got real pleasure from discovering new ancestors and every new bit of information exited me. None of my family was rich. My mother’s father’s family (Chapelow) was very interesting. I traced them back to Yorkshire and discovered that in 1792 my grandfather’s many times great grandparents married in Seaton Ross and moved to York where they raised a family. I got no further with this line and explored other branches instead.

Through genes reunited on the Internet, I contacted someone who had the same ancestry but who had managed to take the trail further back. She told me that a John Chapelow stole a horse in Yarm in Yorkshire, he appears several times before that in the Goal book but the last entry said he was executed on 12th March 1730, for horse theft.

I know that the stories do not exactly match. I said my name in the regression was Tom Brown. I could have been using a false name as I was in the act of stealing a horse when asked. I also said that Mary died when I pulled her from her horse. John Chapelow may not have been identified as the person committing this crime.

I always felt an affinity with York when visiting the city, long before I was aware that my ancestors lived there. I also was in awe of London and loved to visit the city. (My Dad’s ancestors lived in London for a few generations.) Another place I felt the same affinity for was the Isle of Wight another place that my ancestors were traced back to.

Does DNA also carry memory?

As we are all aware DNA carries all of what we are made of. Does it also carry memory? I would love to know if anyone else has considered the possibility or has similar experiences to myself that would support my theory.

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