So you think You’re Psychic


Maybe you have felt connected to the Universe for as long as you can remember, and have never done anything about it. Or perhaps you have had a paranormal’ experience that you can’t explain away as a trick of the light or an overactive imagination. Either way, you have now reached a turning point in your life, where you feel the need to connect to and get to know your spiritual side. So how do you go about it?

You could sit in front of your computer screen for hours on end, scouring internet sites for psychic development CD’s and signing up for courses that promise you that you will be able to make a fortune from your skills within the week. A nice idea, but sorry to tell you that’s not the way it works.

If you truly believe that you have a gift, a sixth sense, then I believe that the best person to help you to develop it is you.

You need to discover for yourself what your gift is, and the best way to achieve this is to seek out your spirit guides. Now many people believe many different things about who our guides are, where they come from, and what they do. I will not stand up and say that everyone else is wrong and I am right, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, all I wish to do here is to share my beliefs and opinions with you, and perhaps help you on your journey.

Throughout our lifetime, guides will come and go.

The guides who kept us safe through childhood will step aside to let other guides take the lead to help us through our adolescence, into adulthood and beyond. How many times as a child did you hear someone call your name when no one was around, or manage to avoid trouble because you had a feeling’ about a situation?

As you grew older and had important decisions to make, did you ever feel guided to take a particular direction? Had a thought pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere that answered a question you were wondering about? Whether you choose to accept that this information came from a spiritual source or not, you will at least admit that some flashes of inspiration really do seem to come out of the blue, from nowhere. All of these instances are a result of your guides trying to steer you in the right direction so that you achieve what you were put here to do.

Creating a dialogue with your guides is the best first step that you can take into realizing your gifts.

It may take days, weeks, months or years to be able to have a real’ conversation with them, but the more you try, the more you practice, and the more you meditate, the better you will become at listening to them, trusting what we call intuition’ and really developing your gift.

So just what could this gift you have be? Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empathic? As a society, we appear very eager to assign labels to people, but when you are dealing with unseen forces labeling can become difficult. For instance, I find that I cannot assign myself a label, yes, I occasionally see spirit that takes on physical form, yes, I hear spirit, sometimes in my head, sometimes so loud it makes me turn my head to see who is behind me, more often than not I feel’ that spirit is around me, a shift in the air, a change of atmosphere, etc. I feel when others are in pain by experiencing the same pain, I pick up on emotions and fears. So what does that make me? I dare say in times gone by I could have been tried as a witch (they would have been right!) but these days we are called ‘sensitive’, which I guess is as good a label as any.

Through contact with your guides, you will learn to explore your gifts, examine where your strengths lie and are able to develop at a rate that your guides feel is appropriate. Working with your guides, they will never push you beyond your limits but will lead you to step by step towards your full potential.

If you decide that you really do want to discover where your gift can take you, then you need to learn how to meditate, learn how to ground yourself to the Earth plane, and protect yourself from negativity and what have been labeled psychic vampires’. This will ensure that you protect your energy, stop others from draining your energy and learn to live a more balanced existence.

The fact that you have decided to explore a more spiritual path means that you will already be opening up to contact from spirit. Be aware of what happens around you, listen to your intuition, learn to trust it. Ask for guidance and protection from your guides as you walk your path. There is no crash course’ in psychic development if there were I don’t think I would have faith in it. Nor would I believe anyone who claimed to know all that there is to know, or claimed to be 100% accurate in their psychic work. Working with spirit is all about interpretation and how one person interprets a piece of information can be a world away from the way another person would see it.

Consider this an introduction to what lies ahead, you will need determination, the will to succeed and above all patience and trust in your own abilities. But if you really want to, go out any buy that expensive CD set, try them and see where they take you, but they should only be used as teaching aids, complementary to your own development, use them as any student would use a reference library – to add to knowledge, not as the definitive source of all your learning.

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