The best Books on new Age Religion


Though there are many authors writing on New Age concepts, I believe that Sylvia Browne has written the best books on the New Age religion.

Does Sylvia’s Book About the New Age?

Sylvia does not believe that her books should be categorized as “New Age” because what she has written are things that we all should know. But I would have to say that compared to religious views throughout history, everything she is writing about is known to the vast majority of people and would, therefore, be considered “New Age” to those reading them for the first time.

Some titles I will provide for you are: “Conversations with the Other Side”; “The Other Side and Back”; “Life on The Other Side”; and “Secrets and Mysteries of the World”.

The Other Side and Back

The Other Side and Back” was the first Sylvia Browne book I ever read and within the first few pages, everything I read seemed truer than anything I ever learned in mainstream Christian churches!

Not only does Sylvia propose that we choose everything from our appearance to our parents before we incarnate(which I will get to shortly), but she also proposes the idea of both a male and female God. This makes a lot of sense considering we are all supposed to be made in the likeness of God. Therefore it would make more sense for the existence of women if there were also a female God to make us in the likeness of.

As for incarnation, do you not think that it makes little sense for each of us to have only one chance to please God and do everything we are supposed to do? Instead, Sylvia states that we all lead multiple lives in order to accomplish what we have written in our charts and to learn for God.

So why has she written the best New Age books?

It is simple. Sylvia’s books started out as introductions to what she would later write about. She also asks the reader multiple times to do their own research and figure out which concepts work for them. She does not tell you that what she says is the absolute truth; it is only what she believes and has seen as she is a psychic. She encourages her reader, to put it in her own words: “Take what you want and leave the rest behind.”

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