Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Exercising Practical Honesty

A great example about this Mercury retrograde was last year 2011 where the initial backward motion of the messenger planet timed on the first sign of the zodiac: Aries. It started on March 30 and ended on April 23. The energies that ruled in this retrograde motion were comingled by Mercury and Aries which foreshadowed … Read more

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: A Liberating Ordeal

Most often, Mercury retrograde signifies a period of reflecting differently and of giving attention to the uncompleted business of your life, those past leftovers that you have left dangling or simply forgotten about due to your hectic schedules that got on the way. The role of Virgo in the zodiac is to act as a … Read more

Mercury Retrograde Explained

You might be curious about this astrological phenomenon and somehow you need an explanation for this. Every time Mercury turns retrograde, there are certain events that might confuse a person especially when he or she doesn’t have any idea about it. The nature of Mercury retrograde which happens to every retrograding planet is a little … Read more

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury turns retrograde, it could bring a very terrible strike. You should know. Especially if you are a Virgo, the effect is quite profound. But throughout the years, a lot of people have adjusted and learned a simple way to endure in single piece, and find ways to use this likely annoying period in … Read more

Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

Sometimes, there are things that are unavoidable. They just happen unexpected. One particular phenomenon is the occurrence of Mercury retrograde. So what is this event that most of those who know it feel uneasy about its emergence? Mercury retrograde is the most popularly known signature of astrology for Murphy’s Law. This is the law that … Read more

Mercury Retrograde: The Murphy’s Law of the Cosmos

Mercury retrograde is an astrological period when things can go wrong, thus proving the Murphy’s Law. When Mercury turns retrograde, the conditions that the planet governs are changed and do not function as projected. So how it is connected with Murphy’s Law? Let’s discuss these terms on separate perspectives before we relate their implications “If … Read more

Business and Job Tips for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury governs many of the crucial components of any business or enterprise. It includes computers, communication, transaction, sales and travel. So when the messenger planet turns retrograde, that is when it moves backwards, there will be more than apparent influence in your workplace. You can anticipate miscommunications, computer crashes, missed appointments, delays and general confusion … Read more

Should Business People Get Scared with Mercury Retrograde?

We hear a lot of stories from various psychics and astrologers regarding the effect of Mercury retrograde. But through the years, there is still a great debate about the validity of this astrological period. Yes, it is a scientific fact that Mercury undergoes this “backward motion” and even so with other planets. Yet, there are … Read more

The Truth behind Mercury Retrograde

Various astrologers will inform you that Mercury retrograde is an instance when all forms of communication can go upside-down. Although there is some certainty to that assertion Mercury retrograde is much more than interesting that it appeared at first. As an additional step to making backups for your files, data, on computers, and obtaining extra … Read more