God Atheism Parenting Children Religion

I am an atheist and the father of a young daughter. I am delighted with the fact that I do not have to teach my child a thing about atheism. Nothing. The subject doesn’t even need to come up. The reason for this is that all people are born atheists. No one believes in any … Read more

Life without Meaning

Life either has a purpose or it doesn’t. If it does have a purpose, that purpose is not universally known or agreed upon. This can only mean that the purpose of life is something an individual decides for oneself or accepts as part of an overall belief. If the purpose of life is something accepted … Read more

Understanding what Constitutes Atheism

Atheism is the lack of belief in any god or gods. Put more clearly, atheism is a philosophical position negating the validity of belief in the existence of any form of non-evolved complex being. It could also be called a philosophical position opposing belief in any simultaneously omniscient (that is, all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), omni-benevolent (all-good) … Read more

Why Atheism is not a Choice

Just about every person on this earth defines himself and his beliefs on what he sees and experiences each day. People can often choose what they experience-but what one takes from each experience is beyond his control. Different Beliefs of the World There are millions, if not more, religious people in the world. They follow … Read more

Life without Purpose and the Search for Meaning

While spending eight weeks at a psychiatric rehabilitation center last year, I made what I thought to be a fairly innocuous comment. I simply stated that things just happen. In other words, there are no cosmic reasons for what happens around us. My therapist was quite taken aback suggesting that “I would be in trouble … Read more

Understanding the Psychology of Atheism

This may come as a surprise to most people, but the psychological factors behind a belief in atheism are in fact exactly the same as those involved in belief in the monotheistic religions. Historically, also, atheism has actually arisen out of these monotheistic religions. Psychology and History of Atheism Before I explain why this is … Read more

The Difference Between Atheism and Agnosticism

Being an atheist or agnostic depends primarily on how open minded the person is and the strength of their conviction. The technical definition of atheism is the belief that God does not exist and agnosticism is defined as the belief that it is impossible to know if there is a God. Atheism and and agnosticism … Read more

Atheists bench

Madalyn Murray O’Hair – The reason behind the hate

Arguably the most notorious atheist of the 20th century, Madalyn Murray O’Hair built a life on boldly challenging any overlapping in church and state. She not only challenged any perceived discrepancies to the 1st Amendment, she viciously attacked all religion and anyone who represented a faith-based religion. Unlike her atheist predecessors who respectfully debated their … Read more

Great Books that Criticize Religion

Why I Am Not a Christian is a book of essays which includes a copy of a speech by Bertrand Russell, the Welsh-born philosopher and mathematician, who delivered it to the National Secular Society in South London in 1927. In his speech, he explains why he does not believe in God and immortality, and also … Read more