Common pitfalls on the magical path


Let the true initiate be forewarned of these traps which he is doomed to face. These are natural challenges that every passionate practitioner of magick shall encounter again and again. For many, these pitfalls lead their spiritual growth to confusion; but remember, confusion is often a part of the step toward wisdom. Hence, let yourself fall and fail, but stand immediately with more courage than ever – and keep on trying. You are magick.

“I love and worship my books.”

Books can be of great help because of the knowledge that you can learn from them. Although all magical books share something interesting about the art and science of magick, there seem to be just a few books that are worth reading. The aspiring magician must realize that he needs not to look too far away from himself to know magick. He needs only to search within his heart – because there is where real magick lies, far stronger than any magical recipe for a spell. Within you, lies divinity; you are divine.

Magick is an art

Do not allow books to dictate how you should live magick in your life. Magick is an art. Although it would be nice for a poet to read and appreciate the works of other poets, still he knows that once he is faced with a sheet of blank paper, he has to write his own craft of poetry – and that’s what makes him a poet.

“All these are psychological and mere jokes of coincidence.”

This is a very common challenge that is faced both by aspiring magicians and even by some adepts.

From time to time, you are sent into your own “Garden of Gethsemane” and you face your doubts – and even doubt your very own self. However, the passionate magician, even though he kneels and weeps in his Garden, has the courage to stand and even to kiss his doubts with stern determination.

Let yourself loose; at this very moment, accept that all your practices are mere jokes of psychology and mere play of the hand of Coincidence – but tomorrow, you will still know who you are and who you will always be – perhaps another coincidence and touch of psychology?

“This is boring.”

This pitfall is usually faced by experienced magicians. After some years of practice, the awe of magick simply becomes a dull phenomenon. Nothing appeals to his interest; he knows the magical explanations and secrets of every feat or the seeming miracle of magick. He is no longer interested – he is bored.  However, boredom is a good sign. It shows that you can do so much more. It tells you that you have the opportunity to follow your touch of madness in life – no matter how crazy that may be.  Hence, allow yourself to get bored, take the risk of getting crazy and take more risks – and make a heaven out of hell (or the other way around).

“I have reached my limit.”

This is one of the biggest jokes to claim. It is bad to think too low of oneself, yet it is worse to think so highly of one’s abilities. To say that you have reached your limit is tantamount to saying that you have climbed the very peak of the mountain of magick (that which takes more than a complete lifetime to master).

Rest is a natural part whenever you climb a mountain. It also gives you the chance to take a better view of the horizon. However, resting alone will not get you any closer to your destination. Hence, you might want to go into “shutdown” mode for a while, view your life, ponder and reflect on it – then continue your adventure. Within you lies the vast and the wonderful – you are infinite.

“Meeting more witchy friends will make me a better witch.”

Aspiring magicians usually have this feeling that for them to be a real witch, they need to be part of the witchy crowd. However, every experienced magician knows that meeting more and more witches will not make you more-of-a-Witch. In fact, it may even be a waste of time. He (the experienced magician) knows that in a crowd composed of 50 Witches, usually, only about three or four  (or even fewer) are really that passionate and dedicated in the arts magical. Just as a Catholic knows that in a crowd of 100 Catholic Christians, usually only about five or six are saints (living saints) – or most probably, even none at all. Note: Meeting and forming a bond of friendship with other witches can also be very beneficial – and it can be fun, too.

“This is very confusing; this (my magical practice) ends now.”

Again, confusion is often (but not always) part of the road to wisdom. If you tread the magical path with much passion, encountering the face of confusion is inevitable – be strong and stay strong. The author knows of a magician who had intense training in the art of grounding (a basic skill in magick). The confusion was too much and that same magician found himself slamming his head on the wall. But since completing that training (which was quite painful for the head), the magician can now ground completely with just a single breath.

Seeing pitfalls is a natural part of the climb. Falling into them can be a fun experience, too. You may not reach the peak of your mountain – and that is okay. The important part is that you are enjoying the climb – because that is where the magick lies.

Inside you and all around you, there is magick. You are magick.

Blessed be.

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