Occult the Nature of Initiation


The word initiation means to ‘enter into’ and its true meaning will become more explained as we now enter the new age. Humanity today is coming of age and is ready to pass through the gates of higher knowledge about himself.

The Masters of Wisdom are now walking amongst us now as we draw ever near to the gates of initiation. There are five planetary initiations that one must pass through in order to become a Master.

First initiation

At the first initiation, we learn to master our physical elemental via the higher soul that lies within us all. This first initiation has as well been called The birth of The Christ principle in the cave of the heart and now the man treads the path by becoming the path itself.  In the world, at this time there are about 800,000 thousand human units who are now ready to pass through this most beautiful experience and to manifest the higher self onto the physical plane. This is what the first initiation is all about, the mastery of the physical plane and over the matter of our dense physical bodies. There are about 6-7 incarnations between the first and second initiation and this is so because the astral body is one of the most difficult to master owing to our present stage of polarization.

The astral body was developed during Atlantean times when mankind was still in its infancy and could not think as well as we do now in this 5th root race. It is at the second initiation that we begin to master the astral-emotional body and may cover several incarnations and is a stage of much pain and struggle as we wrestle our way into the clear light of the soul and spirit.

Second initiation

The second initiation is really about the mastery over the astral elemental and over the tiny device lives that go into its make up.

Third initiation

At the third initiation, we learn to release ourselves from the illusions of the mind and we become more self-aware of ourselves as a divine being. This is one of the major initiations from the point of view of the Masters.

Fourth initiation

At the fourth initiation, we come to the realization that nothing can hold us down in the three worlds of human endeavor and is as well a difficult initiation to take because one must be ready to sacrifice all worldly possessions that may hold us down and keep us earthbound and a slave to matter. In the east, this initiation is known as the great renunciation and is said to be a very painful and hard life to live, but the light of the soul moves us along the path that we all must at sometime tread.

Fifth initiation

At the fifth initiation we stand tall in our spirituality and become a master of wisdom and this world can not teach him anything that he does not know and the world becomes a Field of service for the time he may spend with us. This initiation is also known as the resurrection and enables us to achieve immortality and as well as cosmic rapture that he may share with the rest of humanity, his achievement is the guarantee of our own achievement sometime in the distant future.

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