Psychological insight and dream work


Dreams are said to be the language of the subconscious mind. Dreams are thought to be the way information is communicated to us from our subconscious. You see, hear and feel things every day that your conscious mind rejects consciously.

The conscious mind works mostly on logic and reason. Therefore, if it doesn’t make sense, it must not be right. When you dream, your subconscious takes over and tries to relay those important bits of information again.

Dream Examples

What you dream about can say a lot about who you are and how you think. There are books and material online that deal with different types of dreams and possible meanings.

If a person dreams in black and white, more than likely they have a cut-and-dry approach to daily life. They see things like this way or that, with few “gray” areas.

If a person dreams about being really angry, it is possible that they hold their emotions in while awake. The dreams of anger could be the subconscious way of releasing some of the pent up frustration.

Frequent nightmares can mean either the person watches too many scary movies or there is something else going on. There could be things the person is afraid to confront while awake. Possibly there are situations he/she is ignoring or not willing to deal with. Those situations are played out through nightmares.

Studying dreams

A good way to begin studying your dreams is to keep a journal. Every time you have a dream, write it down. Include every detail you can remember. Soon enough, it will become natural to grab the journal every time you wake up. Wait a few hours after writing the dream down, and go back and reread what you wrote. Think about the elements of the dream and try to figure out possible reasons for it.

It is important to note that not all dreams have some hidden or mystical meaning. Some dreams can be brought on by foods eaten shortly before going to bed. Others can be brought on by television programs or movies. Being ill and having a high fever has been known to cause strange dreams also. Stress and high emotions can also be factors in dreams.

There are many resources available for further personal research. While it is fun to look up different types of dreams and what they might mean, remember not to take it to heart. Just because you dream of being eaten by a large shoe does not mean you should fear all large shoes!

Dream work can be used for psychological insight.

Dream work is not an exact science. By its very nature dream study can be rather confusing and leave more questions asked than answered. It also can give a glimpse into the mind and how each person deals with given situations.

Another suggestion is to talk with a licensed psychologist who specializes in dream work. Dream work can be a fascinating process. Dreams can mean many different things and offer a lot of information about a person’s personality and even personal beliefs.


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