Spirit guides from another level communicate needed information


Most people have feelings they can’t totally explain. They are called a variety of things from hunches to premonitions. Often that sudden urge you feel to call an old friend or resume jogging may be a form of communication from a spirit on the other side in an effort to help you down life’s pathways.

Human beings are actually spiritual creatures encased in a flesh and blood container. The soul, although somewhat muffled, is awake and learning as the person deals with various situations. Fortunately, there are positive entities that help humans by providing insight.

Guides may be assigned to a person at birth or they may connect with an individual for a relatively short period of time. Sometimes a lesson they’ve learned in life can be relayed to a living person and help secure a positive outcome.

Messages from guides are usually subtle as they are only there to influence not actively interfere except in extreme cases. These communications will have a positive note and will never direct an individual to perform a negative act.

The ways in which messages are communicated are varied and numerous. Some people seem more sensitive to spiritual voices and may actually hear their guides’ whispers. For most individuals guidance comes in different ways depending upon which avenue may be easier at a particular point in time.


Dreams are an ideal way for a guide to communicating. Messages delivered in this manner are usually clear and stay with the person much longer than the average night fantasy. It is a type of direct relay into one’s consciousness in order to convey the needed information.

There are few real coincidences and often events are arranged by those on another level to help humans move forward with their lives. If two people are meant to be together they may find themselves meeting under unusual circumstances or because of a spur of the moment decision. ‘I just wanted a cup of coffee, although I usually only have a cup in the morning, so I went inside the cafe and that’s when I first saw her. ‘ Such comments may seem out of a romance novel but they happen in real life quite often.  Frequently it is the outcome of the two sets of guides (one for each lover) working for a common positive outcome.


Messengers are people, animals or sometimes objects used by guides to convey a message.  You may be walking your dog along with your tried and true path only to have him balk at a point and tug in a different direction. Not seeing the harm in a change of pace you allow yourself to be redirected.

Later you find out something tragic happened around the same time in an area you would’ve been close to had you walked your normal route. Animals are often closely tuned in to the spirit world and your dog probably was the link between yourself and your protective spirit.

Strong impulses to see a particular movie or read a certain book may be your guide’s way of helping you through a rough patch in life. By reading how a character deals with a situation may give you insight into your own life. Sometimes taking a little time to sit back and smell the flowers as you relax with a particular mode of entertainment may help you recharge and look at the problem from a different angle.

Remember even when you feel lost and alone there are friendly and protective spirits about you willing and able to give aid. They are there to give guidance and sometimes provide protection. Some people are more sensitive than others but your guides will probably find a way to communicate regardless of your circumstances.

Prayer helps as it opens the mind to positive spirit communication. So talk to God in the manner you feel most comfortable and trust your instincts.


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