The Condition of Religion

Union of purity between clergies Firstly religions are a way of promoting the union of purity between clergies, and this is not a discriminative report, but an expressive overview of the religions. The Qur’an in a way resorts to personal reference of characters such as Allah himself, when it says in Surah 18:50, And when … Read more

A brief study of the religions of China and Japan

China and Japan are two of the great oriental cultures. The people of these nations have a rich heritage that carries back for many centuries of development in every area of cultural life. One of the central tenets of any culture is its religious heritage. This heritage determines how the people of a nation view … Read more

Astrology is not a religious belief

Although many people of faith consult astrological charts, especially in India (where centuries ago Vedic Astrology developed in some predominantly Hindu communities), astrology itself does not always constitute part of a formal religious belief system. The issue of whether any relationship even exists between religion and astrology still creates controversy in some discussion forums. Astrology … Read more

The church in post-Christian America

American culture has become vastly post-Christian. Even though churches are found on nearly every corner, the Christians of America have little impact on the culture of America. Most of the Christian political activists still operate with the worldview and methods of the Religious Right of the 1980s. In contrast, younger generation activists target social injustice … Read more