Doppelganger: Paranormal phenomenon theories

The paranormal phenomenon of doppelgangers has been occurring for centuries. There are many theories on why this occurs, as well as disagreements on how the doppelganger phenomenon happens. Some believe a doppelganger can only be seen by the person it is impersonating, but other people can attest that doppelgangers can appear to anyone the original … Read more

How unplugging can benefit the soul

It is rather difficult to imagine the world today without technology. It can be seen in almost every part of human existence now. Some people work, shop and socialize completely online. This is not the only way technology rules the day. Everywhere you look, you see people on smartphones texting, chatting, Skyping and talking. Checking … Read more

The 1886 Crescent Moon Hotel hauntings

With the skyrocketing interest of paranormal¬†phenomena, it seems like haunted places and objects are popping up everywhere. Although it is easy to be just a little skeptical of every report of paranormal activity, there are certain places that stand out from the crowd. One such place is the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, … Read more

Modern day prophecy

For as long as God speaks and people listen there will be modern-day prophecy. It is simply hearing from God about your life and the lives of others in a way that is strengthening, encouraging, and comforting. Christians who understand the prophetic will be making life choices based on what they believe God is saying … Read more

Is it a spiritual work to do spring cleaning?

When Spring is in the air, it seems as if life is breathed back into the world. Blooms start appearing and birds start building nests in the trees. As the clothes are changed out to spring attire, one discovers things stuffed in the closet and pushed to the side from last year. It is time … Read more